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    How to Watch TV?
    Hello guys...

    I will be buying an iMac soon (within the next week). I currently live in a small dorm, and I don't have space for a TV and a 24 inch iMac. I was wondering, if there is anything that I can buy or something (USB, Firewire...) that I can plug into my computer and watch TV on my iMac screen. It must support directTV. Thank you!

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    I read somewhere that Elgato eyetv will work

    directv has s-video and component output that can be shown on a computer, but most macs don't have the correct inputs for these.

    head on over to look for the 200, 250 series eyetvs , it can convert the s-video to mac, and you can record shows.

    it's not hd, but it's good quality sd (most of directv is sd)

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