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    How do I get the Hash Sign on an Apple Keyboard?
    Hey everyone, this is going to sound stupid... but I haven't used the Hash/Number sign on an Apple Keyboard before and the layout of PC keyboards in Ireland is different.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the hash sign using my Apple keyboard?


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    How do I get the Hash Sign on an Apple Keyboard?

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    Option (Alt) + 3 for me.
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    Thanks for that

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    How do I get the Hash Sign on an Apple Keyboard?
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    I have always wondered this too, THANKS
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    How do I get the Hash Sign on an Apple Keyboard?
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    Go to System Prefs > Language & Text > Input sources and check keyboard & character viewer
    This puts a new item in your menu bar that gives you quick access to the keyboard viewer.
    The keyboard viewer will show you characters as you press the modifier keys. Way cool.

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    Lightbulb # sign

    I too was struggling to find the # hash sign shortcut on UK keyboard.

    Advice on this and other threads is to use Alt + 3 but it did not work for me

    Thought I would give a heads up to help a.n.others this only works with the right hand Alt + 3.

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