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    AOL browser won't connect to any URL
    I tuned up a friend's tray -load iMac. It only has 32 mb Ram, VM on, OS 8.6, and she knows little about computers, so I cleaned up the Control Panels & Extensions, deleted the cache, tweaked the Apple Menu Items to speed things up.

    Eventually had to reinstall system from restorer disc, which went fine, but when she connects to internet via AOL 5.0, the browser will not connect to any site. I launched IE 5 with same results. AOL internal navigation is fine, so connection not the problem.

    Wondering if AOL needs reinstall, or if there is something in the AOL www Preferences I need to adjust. Maybe a TCP/IP adjustment that got messed up?

    She now has a faster iMac that won't go anywhere.
    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    AOL browser won't connect to any URL
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    AOL, yuck. my guess is thats where the problem is. my advice for people who use AOL, is to connect using their software, then use a diffrerent browser to surf the web.

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    AOHell, ewwwww. and so expensive to. Hell verizon right now offers DSL for $30 a month. I think AOL is close to that price with dial up service. My recomendation is to chuck AOL and get something good. LOL

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    AOL is her choice at this time.
    I just want to get her browsing ability back to what it was.
    I did launch IE and Netscape, but no joy.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    AOL browser won't connect to any URL
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    I would agree with the group so far in saying that AOL sux...there really are several better options out there, IMHO just about anything is better than AOL.....but if your friend absolutely MUST use AOL, then a full uninstall and reinstall of the AOL software is probably the best solution.
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