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Thread: advice needed

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    advice needed
    i will start out by saying i plan on buying the top of the line mac in march next year whatever that ends up being.

    but for now i as of next week i wont have a computer so to tide me over seen as i dont yet have the money for a high end mac i was thinking of buying the core duo 1.66Ghz mini with 1Gb of RAM.

    my questions are as follows

    1] will this run parallels well?
    2] am i better of using boot camp?
    3] under XP will i be able to play the classic game UO?
    4] does aperture run well on such a low spec machine?

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    advice needed
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    I have a Mini and to answer your questions :-

    1 - it runs ok.
    2 - Thats what i use.
    3 - Dont know about that game but i play red alert 2.
    4 - dont think it will run, have not got it to try.

    Hope that helps

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