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    Loading OS9 on OSX
    I have a partitioned harddrive one half has OSX 10.3 and the other had OS9.2.2 I reformatted the OS9 side of the drive and want to reinstall but no matter what I do on startup, OSX will override the disk and continue in OSX. Is there a way to reinstall OS9 on that partition? Thank you.

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    Loading OS9 on OSX
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    When booted into OSX, insert the OS9 disc, open it and click the instal icon. This should cause OSX to reboot the machine from the OS9 disc. There is something funny with your system that I can't quite seem to put my finger on from your other posts..

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    My system worked fine until I deleted some Nortons files. I thought I would fresh install OS9 but its not that easy. I read on another post that my disks might be having issues loading because they are older than the current system. Still, there has to be a way to put OS9 on a partition while running in OSX.

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