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    2010 iMac boot problem
    Hi.... I have a 10 year old iMac. When I switch it on, the grey apple screen comes on as usual, but then it goes to a red screen, then a purple screen with a yellow pattern then to black. On the black screen I can still see the spinning beach ball and the the cursor, as normal. If left for a while, it will usually try to restart. When I go into safe mode, it works, though the screen flickers a lot. I've already re-downloaded the last version of the OS which works. Any thoughts on what might be the issue? GPU? Age? I know I probably need to get a new machine, and having got 10 years out of this one, I'll likely go for another iMac, but if I can fix this and give it to my kids that'd be great!

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    2010 iMac boot problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brucebhoy View Post
    Whenever you have strange video issues as described...GPU is definitely a prime suspect. If this is an iMac with dedicated graphics hardware (has separate video hardware)...not integrated graphics. In the past I've had some luck repairing video issues by removing the video card heatsink...replacing the thermal paste between the GPU and heat sink...and reassembling.

    No guarantee's of course...the video hardware in this iMac may have failed...and that is that.

    If you wanted to pursue this possible repair...we would need to know exactly what model iMac this is.

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    First, Nick, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    A few more details - the screen works when in safe mode. When I'm on chrome, it flickers when I type or scroll. Especially around the cursor. It doesn't flicker at all when I have other things open, like Word. Bizarre. Would that still happen

    I had been thinking about getting a new iMac anyway. I'm nowhere near technically proficient to attempt taking it apart and I doubt I have the tools I'd need.

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