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    Replacing hard drive?
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    The desktop chassis was a monster compared to today's slick machines.

    But I daresay they were easy to open and work on, and they could easily be stored out-of-the-way, under one's desk. But the CRT monitors definitely took up a fair hunk of deskspace.

    I used to have a Sony Trinitron myself. GREAT monitor, although they had a horizontal line in them inherent to their screen tech that I could never quite forget was there.
    Ahh yes, I had forgotten about that horizontal stabilizer line but one learned to pretty well ignore it but they were still a pretty damn nice monitor.

    - Patrick

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    Check out Replacing a HD with an SSD requires a special thing to substitute for the heat monitor. They will sell you the whole kit plus links to a video on how to.

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    Replacing hard drive?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pm-r View Post
    Pretty vague question and you may want to repost including the details of what you are wanting to do and why.

    - Patrick
    Sorry,I didn't get back on, it wasn't actually my computer but my husbands.It IS older and he wanted to install a new hard drive.He knew how but no idea which one. So all is fixed and running again.
    Mine is the newest 2017.

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