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    iMac G5 DVD Drive Ejecting Phantom Disks

    A first time post so apologies if this is not the right forum to ask.

    I've slowing been collecting old Macs (for reasons I can't really explain I just love the old designs and hardware) and have finally found an issue that I just can't find an answer to by using a search engine. I recently picked up an iMac G5 iSight in really good cosmetic condition. I've already replaced the internal HDD with a SATA II (an Intel 320) and installed Leopard and all works well. The only issue was that the internal DVD drive was very intermittent in reading and writing of both DVDs and CDs. I got hold of a replacement eBay and now I'm seeing odd issues. What seems to happen is that if I eject a disk (CD or DVD), it ejects as expected, but then I get three sets of what sounds like the eject mechanism trying to eject the disk again, which of course is not there. After this I cannot insert a disk - when I do, there is no 'pulling in' of the disk. Interestingly, if I try and insert a disk as it is going through its 'try three times', then it accepts the disk. Once a disk is loaded, it can be used as you would expect.

    Assuming that this might be a dud replacement drive, I ordered another and had same issue. I've tried the known working drive from my iMac G5 ALS and same issue; putting the drive back into the ALS and it works as expected.

    There was one point where the drive did work as expected, before I re-assembled the iSight - for about 30 minutes - but after after putting the fascia back on, the issue has returned and is still there even with the fascia removed. The only thing I can think of that happened was that, when I put the fascia back on, it was not perfectly aligned and when a disk was ejected it met resistance - it couldn't fully eject. The problem seemed to reappear after that.

    I've tried some of the things I've seen recommended (such as clearing PRAM) but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Can anyone suggest what to try next?

    Thanks and happy holidays!


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    iMac G5 DVD Drive Ejecting Phantom Disks
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    Not ever owned a G5 iMac, but from the symptoms you describe, including that a second drive exhibits the same problems, I would take a close look at the connectivity portion of the drive - maybe a connector is not seated properly, a cable pinched, something along those lines.

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    Whilst my in initial reaction was to think that this was very unlikely to be the case as the connector has been unplugged and reconnected multiple times, I thought I'd try it again, if only to be able to say that I had tried it and it made no difference. What I did first was to partially unscrew the four screws holding the LCD in place and - touch wood - it seems to have resolved the issue. I've still got to do a bit of testing, but it now appears to eject discs without issue.

    It just goes to show that you shouldn't preclude anything, no matter how much you think it unlikely.


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