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    New to me iMac 2010: How to install Microsoft Office 2011
    Sorry about the title thread! It should not say hot but how!

    Hi there! First post! I just purchased an iMac mid 2010, I7 processor, 27inch for $150. I want to use it for Internet browsing and create some Word documents to email. I tried installing new microsoft office with my account from work but my operating system is not new enough. I’m running Sierra. Apparently I can only upgrade to high sierra. Can I successfully install an old version of Microsoft office? I see “office for Mac 2011” on sale at eBay. can I purchase that and will it work? Any other suggestions? The iMac is beautiful and runs well on the Internet and YouTube but I really need to be able to create documents. Anyone else running an iMac mid 2010? Can I purchase old software versions such as photo programs? Thanks for your help!
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    New to me iMac 2010: How to install Microsoft Office 2011
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    Generally speaking you can install older software if your Mac's specs would otherwise allow the software to run. Most developers still have older versions of their software available on their respective sites. In some cases the software is still available in the App Store.

    Although there are sites that contain links to older software some of these are links to pirated software. It goes without saying that those should be avoided.
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    New to me iMac 2010: How to install Microsoft Office 2011
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    Yes, you can install the older M$ Office for Mac 2011.
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