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    Imac won't boot past chime and google was no help...seeking advice
    I created this account because I'm having a specific issue and couldn't find this exact problem on google. I came home from work and my Imac was off despite being left on the night before. I repeatedly pressed the power button but nothing happened so I unplugged, waited for a bit then plugged it back in. Immediately, without pressing the power button it starts to boot but shuts off after the chime. The power button is unresponsive again. If I unplug it and plug it back in it will always turn itself on and try to boot and always shuts down right after the chime.

    I got the screen off and watched the LEDs during this cycle. As soon as I plug the power in the first and second LED light. About a half second later the third LED lights up during the chime and that is when it dies. At this point only the first LED stays lit and the power button is unresponsive but does physically click. All my google searches turned up answers for boot issues after the logo appears. I know that the computer is old (2011 imac 21.5") but I use it mainly for Garageband and it works great for my needs. Can anybody shed some light on whats going on or maybe point me in the right direction? I appreciate and advice.

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    Imac won't boot past chime and google was no help...seeking advice
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    Welcome to our forums.

    It could be a bad or weak power supply; as the symptoms you described point to that. However, it could very well be anything that is causing the machine to turn off and not complete the boot cycle. Logic board, hard drive, etc.

    It's very difficult to troubleshoot a machine that won't stay powered up. Normally, we could use a bootable hard drive or even try booting it with another Mac. Both not possible if the machine turns itself off after the POST chime sounds.

    If you can locate a power supply and it's not too expensive, you might give that a try. It might be something else other than the PS, but things like a new logic board can be expensive.

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    Imac won't boot past chime and google was no help...seeking advice
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    Have you tried any of these;

    NVRAM reset, Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac - Apple Support. If you are using a wireless Apple keyboard, you will need to press at least one keyboard button, prior to helping the key combo down. This is to activate the keyboard. A usb keyboard will be better for these steps.
    Safe mode, Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support.
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