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    Mac Recommendation
    I have a 5 year old iMac running Photoshop CC2019 and I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I have innumerable glitches and am looking for any advice/recommendations for a new Mac purchase. My PSD files are usually in the 100 -400 MB file size range. I currently have 1 TB storage, 16 GB RAM, with an older processor. Do I need to splurge on a Mac Pro? Any recommendations for configurations would be appreciated.

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    Mac Recommendation
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    It would help us greatly if we knew what your budget was. And if a Mac Pro was indeed in your budget, then depending on your workflow, it might make sense.

    Also, do you want mobility or are you OK with a desktop?

    The iMac is quite a formidable machine with the newer machine support a 6-core processor that will handle your data without any issue. If you did want to boost that, you can go to the iMac Pro and get the 10 or higher core processors that will definitely manage the work. However, the price differential is quite high.

    Please visit Geekbench to see the performance comparisons of the various Macs and see how these line up.

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