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    Upgrade MAC Pro 2013 256 gb SSD to 1 TB with cheap PC SSD
    I imagine that several others had already done it, I have made a video of the whole process in case it is useful to someone.
    It really has seemed very simple and much cheaper than using the typical OWC Aura Pro X SSD 1T (more than 450 euros in Spain)
    I have been using it for several days and checking the temperature and everything seems to be going very well.

    I put the purchase links to facilitate their location, if the moderator of the forum considers it convenient, they can delete them.

    INTEL SSD 660P Series (1.0TB, M.2 80MM PCIE 3.0 X4, 3D2, QLC

    Cablecc 12 + 16pin 2014 2015 MacBook a M.2 ngff ssd m-key

    Kalolary Aluminum Heat Sink-2Pack Heat Sink Cooling Fin

    I put the old disk speed table and the new

    velocidad ingles 1500.jpg

    Greetings to all

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    Upgrade MAC Pro 2013 256 gb SSD to 1 TB with cheap PC SSD

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