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Thread: macOS mojave

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    macOS mojave
    I just upgraded to macOS mojave and I don't like it. How can I uninstall it and go back to what I had before. Also my cd external drive doesn't seem to be working properly anymore. Could it be because of the upgrade? Thanks

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    macOS mojave
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    As for the CD I doubt that the upgrade to Mojave is the issue. I've been testing Mojave since the betas and haven't had any issues recognizing / using CDs. What exactly is happening when you try to use a CD? Whenn did the problem start?

    As far as going back a previous OS there are a few things we need to know:
    1. What Mac OS is involved and what hardware? Look at "Abiut this Mac" under the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen,
    2. Do you have a backup of your system from before the upgrade?

    BTW what things don't you like about Mojave?
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    macOS mojave
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Going back to your previous version of macOS is possible if you have a valid backup that was made prior to updating to Mojave. If not, then please answer the questions that our Moderator Slydude asked and he will try to assist you.

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    macOS mojave
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    The only issue I have had and still have with Optical with Mojave is with an external DVD writer, if you put in a blank it no longer mounts on the desktop. I talked to some Devs and that is being worked on. Otherwise there are no issues with any CD/DVD drive that I have seen with Mojave.

    Please tell us what is going on and also what about Mojave is bugging you.

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