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    iMac 21 1/2 late 2009 no mouse clicks
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    I only use the Magic Mouse minimally. Sometimes my Logitech bluetooth looses connections, for a couple seconds, use the MM1, until I see the Connected overlap. Then I start using the Logitech again. I've accidentally bumped one mouse while using the other, and the icon grows, like when it gets "shaken", to see where the mouse is on screen. No harm, not a conflict, one thing is recognized before the other.
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    iMac 21 1/2 late 2009 no mouse clicks
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    Sometimes my Logitech bluetooth looses connections, for a couple seconds,

    That's one of the main reasons I avoided any Bluetooth Mouse besides the lag many of them suffer from, but never any such problem with my Logitech USB Wireless Mouse, and I just realized I've been using them for eight years now after my Logitech wired USB mouse started to go goofy and I considered going wireless.

    Thankfully, Costco was selling the Logitech M705 on sale for $30.00Canadian and I thought I'd give it a try. Apple's own wireless mice were gosh awful around that time. And gee, I still don't like then and they just don't work as they should when I use them.

    - Patrick

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    iMac 21 1/2 late 2009 no mouse clicks
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    Now I think about it I am essentially using the same, or very similar, setup on our MBP. That's because I have the MBP trackpad and a Magic Trackpad on it. Add to that I have 2 keyboards too, the MBP one and the bluetooth job that arrived with the iMac.

    As I said earlier that set up is so that the MBP can be on a stand that I made to lift it to ease the strain on my neck. That has worked perfectly from day one and it seems very strange when I move the MBP, say to the kitchen, and don't use the bluetooth bits.

    I have to admit that I haven't noticed any lag with any of the bluetooth kit, but that's possibly due to my slow reactions and overworked brain cell?
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