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    Mac Pro 3.1 RAID 1 error
    Hey guys,

    I'm currently using a very old Mac Pro 1.1 as a server running 10.6.8, it has 4 HDDs that are paired for RAID 1 and they're finally running out of space.

    I bought 4 new drives and created an identical RAID structure in the hope of using CCC to simply clone the volumes and everything went well... until I plugged them into a slightly better machine, the Mac Pro 3.1.

    It boots, sees all the drives, sees the RAID and mounts all the volumes, network accounts are available and I can even login. But I have a couple of issues...

    It's mounting all the hidden "Boot OS X" partitions per volume, as you can see here in Finder:

    Here's Disk Utility displaying all volumes: &

    And Terminal:

    And here's what I see when I hold option at boot:

    Although I'm not sure if this one is normal or not, I'm pretty sure it should only be displaying the unified SYSTEM volume and not the two partitions.

    I booted into a clean version of 10.6.3 from an external drive on the same machine and everything looks fine, here are those same screens...

    Disk Util: &

    The biggest difference I see is that all the "Boot OS X" volumes are unmounted. But why is there a difference? Is this an issue with some file/setting/preference on the SYSTEM drive? Or how the machine is recognising the RAID?

    There's also a permissions issue for all network users, when they login they don't have the correct permissions to open or do anything. This was partly expected but both the original and new drives have the exact same permissions and I'm wondering if this is related to the RAID/mounting issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mac Pro 3.1 RAID 1 error
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    The only idea I have is to download and run Onyx - see my signature below for link. Download the correct version for your mac and run the automation selection. It does wonders to fix permissions.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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