when i try to access certen sites or do different activities on my imac g3 that was given to me for some reason it locks up. I found out a week ago that origanly it comes with 32mb ram and that it have 64mb vram.When i try to go to my pages it keeps locking up on the internet using ie 5 and some programs i use for my business. btw i'm a newbie at macs. i have a Performa runing mac os 7.5.5 it was also givin to me. its not on the internet though just for ppl to play around on. but my imac g3 is runing mac os 9.2.2. does any one have any ideas or suggestions on why my imac locks up on me to the point where i have to unplug it and plug it back in to reset it?
Here is a pic of it so that you know what kind of imac i'm talking about.