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    1st memory slot failure-genius bar says to replace logic board

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    1st memory slot failure-genius bar says to replace logic board
    i bought a late 2012 i7 2.3 ghz Mac mini and now just slightly after one year warrantee is up, the computer is beginning to fail. First thing that happened is that it simply shut off while being used
    so, I go to turn it back on, and nothing happens but I hear 3 beeps in a row- a pause, then 3 beeps, etc. I looked this up and have since removed memory from the first slot and it starts up. I took the commuter to genius bar and they said i would need to replace logic board if i want to use the memory slot again. they said other that that,it works fine... but it does not work fine because just today it shut off in the middle of surfing the web. I pushed restart button and it fired up again. But i work with music programs and cannot live with the fact that there may be a fatal shutoff at any time. The problem for me is, is this thing a lemon
    if so, why would i want to invest 400.oo into a logic board replacement? any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking about creating a virtual machine as an alternative now using a cheaper pc.

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    1st memory slot failure-genius bar says to replace logic board
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    I would take it back to Apple and "nicely" press the issue that even though it is just barely out of warranty, this is a pretty major issue that you shouldn't have been facing so soon and can't justify the repair or even replacing it with another Apple product. Chances are good that they'll do right by you. If no luck in person, then call Apple's customer support and try it.

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