So I've got the G4 Tower out, and it's now running off of a 650Watt ATX power supply... and there is this one thing I'd really like to change about it... the sleep mode pulsing of the power light was disabled so it just shuts the power light off instead of making it pulse...

This was handy when this computer was in a bedroom where someone had to sleep, but that is not the case, and the lack of visual indication is a bit annoying now.

Problem is though that whatever software (and it was software) that was used to do this does not appear to be on it anymore (or at least it's not obvious).

I'm hoping that through some small chance, someone here might remember what I'm talking about and be able to point me to a link for it as I can't seem to find it through Google. I know it was done with some kind of software tool and that it was supposed to be reversible.. but that doesn't help if I can't find the software or documentation.

That is all.