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    Imac stuck at white screen and volume not showing on disc utilities
    I have been looking through different forums for hours and hours, and have had no luck with fixing my 2009 intel 2 duo imac.
    It froze, so i had to hold the power button to shut it down. Ever since it starts, chimes and then stays on the white screen with the apple logo and moving timer circle thing.
    I can't start it in safe mode.
    I can run it in single user mode, but it won't let me type anything.
    I tried starting it with my install disc, but when i go to disc utilities and try to repair it the mac volume is not there, just the memory hard drive, which i cannot verify.
    I have tried all other methods out there and none have worked, is my mac a goner?
    Please help, and advice would be much appreciated!
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