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    Font is messed up in web browsers (Safari and Firefox). How do I fix this?
    I have an iMac and I haven't downloaded any new fonts (that I know of). Both Safari and Firefox display a font that's real skinny and all bunched together. It's definitely readable (it's not symbols or anything) but I have to look close and squint my eyes! It's so annoying! The only new thing I have done is I installed the new Firefox 4. But I don't know why this would affect Safari..? I turned on my computer in Safe Mode to see what would happen and it actually fixed the problem. But once I started it in normal mode again, that font came back. Please help! Sooo frustrated. Thanks!
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    Font is messed up in web browsers (Safari and Firefox). How do I fix this?
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    Your screenshot is not viewable. However, run your Font from the applications folder and validate the fonts you have installed. It may be that you have a bad or corrupt font that was recently installed.

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    Validate didn't work, however, I just found the font that was displayed in Safari and Firefox and disabled it. I'm perfectly fine with that. It was Alien case you wanted to picture what I was looking at! Thanks!

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