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    Using an iMac as a Dual Monitor for a Macbook Pro
    i have a 20-inch 2006 iMac (has a mini dvi output) & a 15-inch 2008 macbook pro (has a [dual-link] dvi output)...

    i want to use my imac as a dual monitor for my macbook pro...

    after looking for cables, i was NOT able to find a mini dvi male to a dvi male cable...

    but i did find a Dual Link DVI Cable for $50...
    Geek Squad™ - 8' Elite Dual Link DVI Cable - GS-DVIDL8

    ...and a mini dvi to dvi adapter for $15...
    Dynex™ - Mini DVI-to-DVI Adapter - DX-AP150

    ...Will i be able to use the iMac as a dual monitor using these cables? ...and if so, is there a program that i need to make it work?

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    Using an iMac as a Dual Monitor for a Macbook Pro
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    No, you will not be able to use those cables. As you have noted, the port on your iMac is an "output" not an "input".
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