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Thread: iMac and Dust

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    iMac and Dust

    Entirely new to this forum. I'm sure there's lots to learn around here, especially for a PC user who's heavily interested in buying an iMac.

    Today I took a closer look at the design, and it's beautiful. On the Apple iMac's website it shows how this design is all in one, and how the two hottest components have more room in wide screen models which allows for improved cooling. That's where I started thinking of fans, sucking air through the system.

    So once in a while I like to blow all the dust out of the computer casing. I was wondering how that works with an iMac?

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    iMac and Dust
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    iMac and Dust
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    The iMac is actually a notebook computer built vertically. Opening one up to clean is not something that's recommended as the iMac is difficult to disassemble. The two links given by the previous poster both speak about blowing air (preferably canned air) through the vents.

    If you live in a very humid climate (Hawaii, Florida, etc) where dust can cling to the fans and vents, then it may be necessary to open it up to clean. Otherwise, blowing air as recommended should suffice.


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    Dont park it in front of sunny windows or heat vents.

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