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    Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive

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    Unhappy Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive
    I have an iMac g5 with a 232gb internal hard drive. its the white one not the new silver model. Recently i thought that the internal crashed because one day when i booted my computer it just went to a blue screen and froze there. So i took it to the store and the a "genius" told me that it crashed and he could try reformatting the drive to see if that fixed it, but it didnt at the store. so he told me to get an external drive and i could install Tiger OSx on it and use it as my main drive. So i bought a Lacie rugged 500gb drive with Firewire 400/800. my iMac only has the 400 plug so thats what i hooked it up with. Now when i went to try to do all of this, i put my Install disk in and when i went to pick my drive to install it to for some reason the internal was recogonized and the external had a red marker on it and it says i can not install to this volume. So i reinstalled the OSx to my internal. When i updated the tiger to 10.4.11. My computer froze and didnt work again. I erased the internal again and now i want to install the tiger to the external and use it as my main drive because there is obviously something wrong with my internal. How do i go about getting this done? Why does the external say i cannot install OsX to this volume?

    Thanks for your help

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    Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive
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    Very confusing post, but keep your eye on this thread:-

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    Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive
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    Check that disc. If I remember correctly there were two different versions of the Tiger disc. One was a full install disc. The other was an "upgrade" disc that required OS X 103 (a.k.a Panther) be installed first. If you have the upgrade disc that might be the problem.
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    Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive
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    Sounds like a format issue with the new ex-hdd Ill bet it came formatted as NTFS.


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    Need help installing Tiger OSX to external hard drive
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    Is this the Tiger DVD that came with your iMac G5? I own the 20" iMac G5 2.1 Ghz with iSight camera. 250GB internal.

    If the above is true, boot up with the OSX DVD that came with your machine. When you get to the installer, look up top for the utilities menu and click on it and open Disk Utility. You will want to go to the partition tab and click where it says Current and then on 1 new. Also click advanced and be sure it's set to Apple Partition Map. Hit apply. Be sure you have selected your external drive first.

    Then the external should not have the red line through it. I did what you are doing but not because my 250 GB SATA internal was dead. I just wanted to see how the original Tiger install that came with the iMac worked Speed wise compared to 10.5.8 Leopard. I have 10.5 on the internal and 10.4 on the external.

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