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    Best place to get this?
    ok ok ok, just for being here within the realm of mac users i have gotten so much needling from my friends, its not even worth trying to explain to them how great of a machine the imac is because they are so blinded by their own pcness or should i say p-ness-e. But anyways I am persevering my path of the mac and I am gonna do everything i can to get the right mac so i can show all my friends the true potential of the new imac. Now my struggle is where the 'Best place to get this' is. I am looking for the new 27 inch imac with 1TB hdd, 4 gigs of ram, the ati 4850 graphics card and most importantly the 2.8 ghz i7 processor. I checked amazon after hearing good reviews from there but they only have the 2.66 ghz processor. The price on amazon is great because there is no shipping, or no taxes from what i hear, but i would hate to sacrifice that 2.8 for the 2.66. Could anyone guide me in the right direction as to where the best place to get this would be? I do realize that there is the official imac store, but if there are other cheaper possibilities out there i wanna find them first!

    Thanks in advance ~Shinobi

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    Best place to get this?
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    The computer will be the same price everywhere you will only differ on wether or not the store charges sales tax or shipping, however you can guarantee that no shipping charges will be charged if you walk into the Apple store in your area.
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    Best place to get this?

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