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    G5 integration work, I think I am being scammed.
    I recently brought my G5 in for some work. I bought a G5 online and it arrived with the case bent up.

    I took it into a shop for a diagnostic check which came back as everything working properly.

    I bought a new case which came with a new motherboard and took my G5 in to get integrated (the term the repair guy told me the work was).

    Its now a month later and I still have not gotten my mac back from repairs.

    The last call I made was that my G5 was somehow over heating (which showed up during some "thermo" test the repair guy said needed to be done), and so now my repair is being further delayed.

    What is going on here? Do I need to call the cops and report a macjack??

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    G5 integration work, I think I am being scammed.
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    I am not sure what to say as far as how to handle the situation, but that seems way too long. I do computer swaps all the time when people get a new case. Sure if this is a Power Mac G5, it might be a bit more complex but nothing that would take say more than an additional hour longer.

    Unless there were issues with the parts you gave me to swap, it might take me 2 hours being careful then testing it another 1/2 hour.

    Is this G5 the Silver Power Mac Tower? Do you know if it uses Water Cooling?

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    This is a silver looking power mac tower G5, aluminum case. I don't know if its water cooled. I think it was made late 2005. Is got dual 2.0 cpu's.

    I think this guy is some kind of scam artist or something. His shop has two really, really bad reviews on google, but they were from 2006 so I didn't think much of it. Businesses can change hands.

    I think if my stuff isn't done tomorrow I'm going to file something with the cops. I pulled up the business's info on the department of revenue of my state and it clearly lists the business license closed in 2006. Of course, this is not what I had expected to find, and its a little naive of me to expect to never encounter a schemer in all the times I've turned to small business for work.

    I could have just taken the G5 to some big company like Best Buy or something for repairs. So much for supporting small businesses.

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    G5 integration work, I think I am being scammed.
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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Your avatar does not say where you are located, but it is always wise to deal with a recognized Mac expert. Groups such as a local MUG (Macintosh User Group) or computer club will help point you in the right direction.

    Sounds like your Mac is a Dual Core and suggest you get in there immediately and get it back.

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