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    Pc Tech Needs Mac Tech's Help
    Hi im a pc technician i have worked as a tech for over 5 years and I’m quite stuck I have just bought a Power Mac G5 that was not working to try to familiarise myself with the systems but I’m having little luck repairing the issues which are

    • System powers on but no beeps or sounds just a blank screen
    • Fans run at normal speed then start to spin very fast (as if there is a heat build-up)

    When I received the system the video card was not seated correctly

    My questions

    • I have a DVI cable that only fits in to the smaller DVI port Labelled 2. Do you need an adapter for the larger port to DVI to use on a non Mac monitor?

    Thank you all

    System Spec
    Power Mac G5
    Dule 2Ghz Chip
    2GB Ram 4x 512 sticks
    160gb HD
    Nvidia A146 Graphics Card

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    IBM Beep codes and stuff like that do not apply to Macs. What you want is the chime sound at boot,there are sounds for bad memory. Now there are codes for issues as your working with an Unix OS. Someone that has G5 Macs will have to give you the scoop on the adapter.

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    Pc Tech Needs Mac Tech's Help

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    Mar 30, 2004
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