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    Mac Mini & Dell 2405FPW - USB?
    Would the USB ports on the Dell 2405FPW work on a Mac? Specifically on a Mac Mini?

    I know theres a USB cable you connect from the monitor to the computer so it can act as a usb hub

    but what if I connected an iPod to the USB port on the 2405fpw... would the mac mini detect it? If I connected a usb mouse to the usb port on the 2405fpw would the mac mini detect and use it? etc.. ?

    wasn't it made for a windows machine? i'm having my doubts that it will still work as a usb hub on a mac mini...

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    Mac Mini & Dell 2405FPW - USB?

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    It should work but it probably is not USB2 so our iPod would not go very fast but it should have no problems working with a mouse etc
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    Mac Mini & Dell 2405FPW - USB?

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    The hub on a Dell 2405FPW is USB 2.0 and the Mac mini can use it.

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    alright thanks guys for the info

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    Mac Mini & Dell 2405FPW - USB?

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    I use the hub on my Dell 2001FP with my mac mini, it works just fine.

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