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    Hard Drive is Full

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    Hard Drive is Full
    While importing a movie I made. The import started to jump and popup box said that my startup disk is almost full. I have a super drive with a La Cie 250 external. My question is what is necessary to keep on the main drive.
    When I moved a lot of data on my Dell to the external some programs had a tough time and I had to reconfigure a lot. I don't want to go through that again.
    I used ONYX to clean.
    What files can I safely get rid of? Are there some logs I can delete?
    I deleted some files but when I get info on the HD it said it used .01 gigs more. How can that be if I deleted 15 gigs of data?
    Can I get rid of the OS9 Apps?

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    stupid question, but did u empty the trash can after you "deleted" 15 gigs of data?

    Also, it is perfectly safe (for osx) to trash the entire OS9 folder and apps. Of course, you woun't be able to use them or the classic mode after you do that.

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    when you delete files that large, somtimes your computer doesnt recognize the empty space until after you restart.. when i delete 4gb+ files it tell me that I am using more space than necessary when i restart, and do i want to recover it.

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