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    Upgrading My iMac's RAM

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    Upgrading My iMac's RAM
    Hey everybody, I'm a new switcher, and I want to add a gig of RAM to the 256 I have right now. What brand should I buy, and what do people mean when they talk about "matching"? What brand of memory is in the iMacs when you buy it from Apple? Please help! I am looking at a Crucial gig of RAM at about 190, but would it be OK to buy a cheaper gig of Samsung RAM?

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    Upgrading My iMac's RAM
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    try here this site matches your machine to what memory you require

    kind regards

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    Upgrading My iMac's RAM
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    I always recommend ordering from OWC or MacSolutions. Both sites offer very good pricing, the memory is tested and 100% guaranteed to work with your system, and it includes a lifetime warranty. I've had excellent experiences with both.

    Mac's can at times be a bit "selective" about RAM, so I prefer to be certain that the memory I order will work perfectly, and since the pricing that these sites offer is also extremely good, it works out very well.

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