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    Cannot install Office Mac 2004...

    New G5 dual, bone stock. I run the Office setup assistant fromt eh install CD and at step #5 - installation I get an error. It says that it's "unable to launch the installer, Please make sure you are authenticated and that the Office 2004 CD is in the CD-Drive."

    I know the CD is in and working since this is where I ran the installer from, also, the apps seem to run fine (albeit slow) from the CD. This seems like a permissions problem to me.

    I'm logged-in with my normal login and I enabled the root account (but not logged-in as root). Any ideas?

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    Cannot install Office Mac 2004...
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    it does sound like a permissions problem, have you repaired permissions? is filevault active?
    maybe try creating another account and install it there, if it works, and installfor all users, then delete that account.

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    I repaired permissions (on my Macintos HD) before I ran the installer and again just now but it didn't help. It seems to me that I need to run the installer as root but I can't figure out how to login as root. Only my own username (Scott) shows-up on the login window even though Mac Help says I should be able to login as Other->root...

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    Cannot install Office Mac 2004...

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    You shouldn't need to use the root account; any admin user account should be sufficient to install.

    Can't you also install office by dragging it to your /Applications folder?

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    I dragged the contents to my appications folder and it seemed to work just fine...thanks,

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