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Thread: More Ram?

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    More Ram?
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    More Ram?

    i've been running a g5 Imac on 512mb of ram

    but i fancy an upgrade to 1g and wondered if
    i could get your opinions on how noticeable
    you think it would be and whether the cost
    would be justified

    i do normal stuff itunes iphoto idvd some downloading
    email surfing and some photoshop elements

    what do you all think bearing in mind memory prices
    seem to have come down a good bit?

    kind regards

    :teen:MORE RAM

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    More Ram?
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    I suggest you get a program like 'Menu meters' which can be set up to show how much ram is free and how much is being used. If it gets close to the brim then it will be worth an upgrade.

    I've got 1GB of ram and it was a definite improvement on 256MB but weather you'll need to go up to 1Gig depends on what your doing with your computer, I mean it's going to be fast with 512mb so it just depends if you need the extra for programs or not. I've noticed my ram usage go up to 720Mb when I'm busy in Canvas9 and Photoshop so I'm glad I have the 1Gig.

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    i have 768 and for what i do it doesn't seem to go past 330MB. But maybe I was so use to my bare minium DELL 8200 that had only 256, i use to use ONE program at a time. NEVER multi-tasked because my DELL was sooooooo slow. Plus it would just crash if I had a bunch of apps up. So that habit kinda came with me when I came back to the Mac, like if i want to use iTunes i would close something else to make sure it wouldn't eat up too much memory...but not the case today. Even with 512 in my iBook G4 I've never seen it "slow down".

    Only Garage Band, iDVD, and iMovie seem to hog up memory for me.

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    More Ram?
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    When I g et my iMac I will go with twin 512mb sticks.

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    I just upgraded my eMac from 512 to 1G today.

    Glad I did!

    If you go Apps>utitiles>Activity Monitor, open that.
    Once that opens up, select the system memory tab.

    How much do you have free when you have all the normal programs and app's you would have running. (maybe even bump up the work load just a bit to prove a point)

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