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    Can you overclock an iMac G3?

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    Can you overclock an iMac G3?

    I was interested in overclocking an imac G3 for fun with my mate. I found the 400MHz graphite SE+ in a skip looking lonely, so i cleaned it up and gave it a new home. I was wondering whether you could overclock it, as my freind has had a lot of experience, and i thought it'd be fun.
    Let me know

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    I've seen a site which detailed this but I don't have the url. Try a search on Google for something like "imac G3 overclocking". It involves reconfiguring resistors that are mounted on the motherboard so it is not risk free.

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    Can you overclock an iMac G3?
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    Go here:

    Pictures and everything!
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    Can you overclock an iMac G3?

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    Keep in mind that those iMac models don't have any fans...cooling is entirely passive, by convection.

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    Thanks Cradom. That was the one I'd seen. There is also a page for later model iMacs at:

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