Hi all..

I have a Mirror door G4 dual 1.25. I have been using dual 22 (i think) cinema displays for years. they are the old kind. Anyways.. I had one of those Lacie terabyte big disk drives but something went wrong with it. So I took out the drives (2 500 giggers) and put one of them inside my mac. It works totally fine and I can edit on Final curt pro flawlessly with it.. here is the problem. Since I added that drive, one of my cinema displays shuts off and on periodically. it'll gop off for like 10 seconds.. then goes back on. It will do it like 3 times then will be fine for 20 minutes or so, then it dies it again. Could it be that the hard drive is getting to hot or making the comouter too hot or something. This same thing happened when i tried to replace the video card with a card that i can use Motion with. Same thing happened (i could only use one cinema display with that card). SO I took I put back the video card that came with the computer and all was well.. Could it be I am overloading my power supply? Sorry if i sound dumb.. All help will be greatly appreciated..