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    MEMORY > Apple > iMac G4 > 1.25GHz 20-inch Flat Panel USB 2.0 (DDR) (2x512 memory car
    I heard you can upgrade the iMac G4 to 2GB. Is that true. With two 1GB cards. I want to upgrade my software from Adobe Creative Suite to CS4. But my computer doesn't have enough memory and harddrive space for (Leopard and CS4). Is there anything I can do??? I don't have enough money at this time to buy a new computer. -Jen Solomon

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    yes you can upgrade both the internal and user-serviceable memory to 1GB each to make 2GB in total.

    you need the service users guide imac_usb2.pdf and read this article:

    Apple iMac G4/1.25 17-Inch "FP" (USB 2.0) Specs (iMac USB 2.0 - M9168LL/A) @

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