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    Angry imac warranty repair

    I have had my 17inch imac for about a month....when i got it i noticed a small physical bumb pertruding from the surface of the screen.(obv a plastic mold defect) I just got around to calling apple care last week because of my 7 day a week job i havent had the time. I told them the whole story and they put in a engineer report to check on my screen problem.....they called me back yesterday and told me they are still investigating it to see if its coverd under warranty. OK WTF, it came to me that way and they are investigating it to see if its a possible defect and im lying. This totally pissed me off because they told me if the engineer decides that its not coverd i have to pay between 750-1150 dollars for repair. What am i supposed to do. They sold me a new imac with a manufacturing defect and they wont cover it, i am already outside my 10-day return policy, the repair cost is almost a entire imac.

    All of this and this is my first imac.

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    imac warranty repair
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    wow, that sucks.. is the screen working still? Does the bump change much? or is it just annoying? cus you could just live with it...

    I dont know what to do..

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    Angry Super Uber Ticked
    OK its going on 4 weeks with no imac back yet from service supplier.....after countless calls back and forth from apple, service provider, and apple engineer dept.... i finally got the aproval to get the screen replaced under warranty, But the approval was granted over a week ago and now the service tech that was repairing my imac is on vacation until the 4th. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. What are the chances?

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    imac warranty repair
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    You're lucky you are getting it repaired at all. From what I've read, Apple is VERY picky about things they cover under warranty. Which should be illegal. They should warranty manufacturing defects NO MATTER WHAT! We're not talking $200 on an X-Box here, we are talking multi-thousand dollar expenditures that are often not that easy to come up with the money to realize. Apple needs to smarten up on this front, as I have seen/read lots of posts from upset purchasers that are leaving the already small Apple market share because of the way they have been treated.

    Bottom line, not a good thing for Apple to loose their "newest switcher" clients with terrible support.
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    ok i got my machine back screen, and everything seems to work just fine, no bad pixels or anything....just took forever and a day.

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