Wake Up Folio by Cooler Master

Like the idea of the iPad’s Smart Cover but decided it doesn’t provide enough protection? You want a full protective case for your iPad with Smart Cover capabilities? Cooler Master’s Wake Up Folio case may be what you are looking for.

Like the Smart Cover, the Wake Up Folio is available in several colors, and in both leather and polyurethane finishes, with a microfiber interior. Unlike the Smart Cover, the Wake Up Folio has a polycarbonate cover over the back of the iPad with cutouts for the speakers, buttons and ports. The cutouts give ample room to easily access the buttons and ports.

Microfiber lines the back of the screen cover and the middle of the bottom polycarbonate piece, leaving about an inch along the edges of just polycarbonate that clips onto the iPad. The Wake Up Folio fits both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The iPad snaps into the case, with the corners of the case holding onto the iPad and holding it in place. It fits securely, and you have to flex the case to pop the iPad back out. I’m guessing that the iPad 3 will fit no problem, but I do not have one to test with.

The Wake Up Folio has magnets in the cover so it can wake the iPad and fold back upon itself to make a stand. The is fine in the polyurethane version, but the leather version is slightly thicker and the magnets aren’t able to grip as well. I often like to fold the cover back so there is something to grip in my large hands. With the leather version, the triangle often pops apart. If you don’t touch it, it seems fine, but it doesn’t take much pressure to get it to pop apart.

Overall, I very much like the Wake Up Folio case. It takes the awesomeness of the Smart Cover and adds an entire iPad case. My only real complaint with the case is with the leather version not having strong enough magnets. The Cooler Master Wake Up Folio is available in numerous colors for a MRSP of $39.99.