Too Many Gadget Distractions for PC Girl

My goal going into MacWorld this week was to try to learn everything that I could about using Mac Notebooks. The idea was that this would make it easier for me to make the transition from PC to Mac. But what I discovered when going through the exhibitions today was that I couldn’t keep my mind focused on my goal. There were just way too many cool gadgets and fun accessories to let me stick with a Notebook-Only mindset.

I may not have decided on any Mac computer stuff yet but MacWorld did give me the final push that I needed to make a decision about another Apple item I’ve been wanting – the iPhone. I’m the kind of gal who always just gets whatever free phone comes with my contract because I really don’t use my phone much anyway. But what I do use all of the time is my computer. I’ve been eyeing the iPhone constantly since before it even came out. Checking out all of the accessories that are available for it now just made me want it even more. But then I realized that since I don’t use the phone part, I don’t need the phone part.

So I’ve made a decision, I’m going with the iPod Touch. It’s got a bunch of new upgrades that interest me. In particular, the fact that the Maps feature can find where I’m at before it points me in the right direction wins me over. And the fact that I can check the weather with “just a touch” is kind of appealing. But I imagine I’ll probably be more likely to use the mail function than anything else. After all, I’ve got to quickly tell everyone in my social network about everything that’s distracting me at MacWorld!

3 thoughts on “Too Many Gadget Distractions for PC Girl

  1. I’d still take the iPhone over the touch. Wifi is great if you can access it, but doing email on the highway at 60 when someone else is driving is cool with EDGE. Generally I hate phones. I love my iPhone even with the few calls I make. It’s especially helpful to find something either with maps or safari and touch a phone number. I could go on. Enjoy the touch if you get it, but the iPhone is the ultimate personal device.

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