TidBITS: Resource for the Mac User

One of the MacWorld presentations that I checked out today was Tools for Collaboration by Adam Engst, the publisher of TidBITS. Although I’m new to Mac, I have some familiarity with the publication because I’ve researched Mac news for different articles that I have written over the years. However, when Adam asked the people in the room how many of them were readers of TidBITS, the number of hands in the air was fewer than I would have expected. Perhaps this was because it was just after lunch and everyone was a little too sleepy to put their hands up. But it might mean that some Mac users are unaware of this great resource for Mac news and information.

TidBITS has been around for nearly two decades, providing information and news about Mac goings-on. The basic premise of the site is that it takes the news that is coming out from various sources and applies it to the real life issues faced by the average non-technical Mac user. In addition to updates that are applicable specifically to the Mac OS, the site provides fun educational stuff about Apple’s gadgets and about entertainment as it applies to Mac. There’s a little bit of something for every kind of user to be found here.

Incidentally, Adam co-founded TidBITS with his wife Tonya. She is one of the six bloggers for the site as well as the site’s senior editor. She’s also one of the few women speaking at MacWorld this year. For gals who like to support the other women in the industry, a trip over to Tonya’s TidBITS blog might be in order.