Review: iMac Riser/Stand


Seated ergonomics is crucial to ensure that prolonged computer use doesn’t adversely affect your posture. The Apple iMac is an all-in-one computer with a base at a fixed height. The entire assembly can be tilted up or down based the table height and that of the user.

One option many users employ to change the height of the iMac is to employ a VESA mount to elevate the entire display assembly. This, however, can be cumbersome to install and depending on the mount location, cumbersome to use.


If elevating the iMac (the latest 21.5″ or 27″, or the previous generation 20″ and 24″) is the primary goal, this iMac Riser available in clear and black is the ideal solution. The iMac Riser will raise the iMac by 10 cm (approx. 4 inches) to a height that allows the user to see the iMac LCD in the center.

Strength and Stability

Approximately 30 lbs of weights on Riser spread out across most of the top surface.

Setting a rather expensive iMac on a plexiglass riser without knowing how well it will take the nearly 30 lbs of the iMac is a concern. To that end, weights equaling 30 lbs were put on the riser to ascertain any potential issues.The iMac stand takes up nearly the entire top of the riser and so the weight is equally distributed.

The weights chosen to “exercise” the riser equally distribute the weight across the top and thus result in a more accurate representation of the iMac.

27″ iMac sitting on the Riser.

As can be seen here, there is no visible bowing or bending of the riser.

The riser is held in place with a series of rubber feet that ensure that it doesn’t move on the desk. There rubber feet however are small circular discs that hang over the edges of the base and thus don’t stay put. It is advisable these be replaced with narrow versions that stay entirely on the plexiglass surface.

There is, however, a discernible side to side movement with any shake of the desk. This movement is greatly pronounced with any handling of the iMac (as in inserting a SD card or CD/DVD into the side). The current design doesn’t allow for any cross bracing to eliminate this movement.


27″ iMac, Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad all put away cleanly.

The iMac Riser is available in clear and black plexiglass. Both colors are elegant in design with rounded edges all around. The clear version “disappears” into the desk giving the iMac the appearance of floating while the black version, in this reviewers opinion, significantly contrasts with the iMac’s aluminum.

The Bluetooth keyboard nestles quite nicely into the riser and is held in place with a couple of notches toward the back.


The iMac Risers cost £32.99 (UK) or $51.82 (US) in either clear or black plexiglass.


The iMac Riser is a reliable and relatively inexpensive way of raising the iMac some 10 cm if desired. The risers lateral stability is a bit concerning and can only be addressed with a re-design of the product.

After nearly a weeks worth of use of this Riser, I’ve gotten used to the new height and find myself in a much better posture than before.

Overall, recommended, (2.5 out of 5 stars).