Our Macworld blog on your iPhone


Screen capture of Mac-Forums on the iPhone

We’ve installed a free WordPress plugin to generate iPhone friendly pages (and some iPhone mobile goodness) for the blog. Of course, if you’re wandering around the show floor during Macworld, and you’re staring at this site or something else on your iPhone, don’t forget to look up from time to time to watch where you’re going.


  1. schweb

    Now if I only had an iPhone...how cool would that be!

  2. mathogre

    Now if I could be at Macworld! This seems to work fine on the iphone. Have fun out there. Graham

  3. The only thing that might be a little janky about the iPhone theme and this site would be user commenting. Only because we're doing some strange vBulletin integration with the main site. Other than that, it works pretty cool.