One last Best of the Booths

I do believe one final Best of the Booths post is in order. There were a lot more booths that caught my eye, so I’m just going to do a quick fly by on most of them.

I stopped by the “FileMaker Pavilion” to catch a presentation on their new personal database software, Bento. Looks like a really handy program to me, as it integrates with iCal and Address Book and lets you organize all of your contacts and events in a clean and easy to use interface – in fact, the woman who gave the presentation insisted there was “near zero learning curve” to Bento.

Filemaker pavilion at Macworld 08

Based on the HyperCard application program, TileStack is designed to provide a user-friendly way for making interactive web apps without learning a programming language. Its creators are planning to eventually make TileStacks capable of being run as widgets on your iPhone or desktop or as Facebook apps, and are currently accepting email solicitations for their Beta program.

TileStack at Macworld 08

Intego makes a whole bunch of security and privacy software for the Mac and had this towering castle booth at the Expo.

Castle Intego at Macworld 08

The Peachpit Theatre was graced by many of its authors, a noble cast of players indeed. Here you see Bert Monroy discussing “Photoshop Studio: Digital Painting.”

Peachpit Theatre at Macworld 08

As Kathryn mentioned, the Electronic Frontier Foundation was at the Expo, fighting the good fight.

EFF at Macworld 08

Software Bisque takes actual space photography and creates absolutely, stunningly beautiful 3D environments for you to explore. They call it “an immersive and interactive three-dimensional planetarium style solar system simulator.” I liked the big telescope.

Software Bisque at macworld 08

Skullcandy’s headphones sport such cool designs, they’re almost legitimate accessories.

Skullcandy at Macworld 08More Skullcandy at Macworld 08

There was so much to do and see this week, I didn’t even get a chance to take a nap in one of the sleeping pods Pzizz had been kind enough to set up for us.

Pzizz sleeping pod at Macworld 08