More than just Apple

So I know we’re all excited by the Stevenote on Tuesday and the possible new product announcements, but I’m actually just as excited to be able to visit some of the exhibitors. There are some really great Mac developers who are going to be at Macworld.

Personally I’m looking forward to stopping by to meet the guys at Panic, equinux, and plasq. I’m excited (and please don’t shoot me) to visit with the Office devs at Microsoft. Oh and who can miss the Pownce Pre-Launch party on Wednesday night?

So many great exhibitors and so little time! If you’re going, who are you looking forward to seeing? If you’re not, who would be top on your list if you were there?

3 thoughts on “More than just Apple

  1. Well there’s always these nifty shareware that nobody has heard of that steal the show!

    Keep your eyes peeled for us, schweb! Look for some great new software as well.

    Looking forward to reading your entries, guys. Have fun!

  2. Maybe you can convince the MS folks that they really need to have full cross-platform compatibility (vis basic w/ excel comes to mind). LOL!

  3. Sounds exciting! Keep us posted on anything new you see. I don’t think I will be able to make it there so you guys will be our eyes and ears! 😀

    Have fun!

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