iTunes / iPhone update server overloaded

If you’re trying to update your iPhone and iTunes, get in line. I was able to get my iTunes updated to 7.6, but can’t connect to the iPhone update server at all. Anyone having any luck? Post your successes and thoughts in the comments or on the forum.

Note: Macworld also seems to be crashing Twitter sporadically.

3 thoughts on “iTunes / iPhone update server overloaded

  1. Hi
    I bought the ipod touch update with mail etc, got itunes 7.6 too after a couple of tries but I cant install the update yet which is annoying

  2. Yeah…I still haven’t got the iPhone update either. Please post your thoughts about the update when you finally get it. I’m anxious to hear what it’s like for iPod touch users.

  3. I got the updates tonight around 8pm east coast time. MacBook update was quick, iphone took 30 min.

    iPhone is really cool now with changes to Google maps and web clips, and multiple changeable homescreens. Also, Google updated gmail a couple days ago and that works nicely too!

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