I’m now officially a rumor site

So only 2 of my 8 predictions came true during Steve’s keynote, but I think that more than qualifies me to start a new Apple rumor site.

This keynote of course had some pleasant surprised:

  • iPhone and iPod touch software update – So just one more reason for me to be jealous of all the iPhone owners. By far I think the coolest new app is the location service in Google Maps. Very cool how them implemented that and it’s a good compromise to including full GPS. But Apple, what are you thinking charging Touch owners $20 for the update? That’s just petty.
  • New Airport Extreme with built-in hard drives – Pretty cool concept at a great price point especially if you’re already in the market for a new router and external drive. I’m hoping Apple updates time machine to allow backup to an external drive attached via USB for all of us who already have drives and Extreme routers.
  • Macbook Air – I was completely not expecting this to be announced today. It was coming for sure, I was just surprised it was ready. Amazingly thin, amazingly comfortable to use. They actually even had some hanging from the ceiling in the Apple booth after the keynote. I think they probably should have included built-in ethernet, but otherwise, it’s a hot machine.
  • Movie rentals – Cool concept, not sure I would use it since I already have Netflix and overall I think that’s a better value. But, I do agree with Apple’s stance that people would rather rent than own a movie. However, I think that applies even more to TV shows. Why not offer a rental TV show service. I really couldn’t care less to see most shows more than once. Or even offer them for free with an ad in them or something. Props to Apple for making the AppleTV update free for all existing owners.