Could it be Apple Air Freshener™?

The Macworld banners have everyone wondering what the big announcements will be at the keynote on Tuesday. “There’s something in the air” conjures up all kinds of ideas. I personally think Apple is going to unveil an environmentally-friendly line of air freshening products ala method.

Ok so not really…

So what I do I really think it could all mean?

Here are my predictions:

  • iPhone 3G – Since it takes about 6 months for FCC approval, Apple will announce the phone Tuesday for mid-summer release.
  • Updated Macbook Pros and iMacs – Nothing special, probably speed bumps.
  • New Apple dislpays with built-in iSights – Apple discontinued the stand alone iSight so there needs to be something for the mini and Power Mac users.
  • Some minor iPod updates
  • Movie rental service
  • DRM-Free music from more record labels, maybe even a price decrease

Of course I would love to see an AppleTV update, but I think the only change we may get is the ability to rent movies directly to the AppleTV.

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