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Not using Flash? You need Switch

Running your computer without Flash installed is great. No unnecessary resource hogging while browsing the web. No annoying animated web ads. Unfortunately, not everything on the web is HTML5. This is where Switch comes in. I use Safari 99% of the time until I stumble across something that is Flash… Read More

Safari 6: Delete to go Backwards

Previous to Safari 6, you could hit the Delete key to act as a back button. For some reason, when Safari 6 was released with Mountain Lion, Apple decided to remove this function. It may not have been used by many people, but I for one used to all the… Read More

Wake Up Folio by Cooler Master

Like the idea of the iPad’s Smart Cover but decided it doesn’t provide enough protection? You want a full protective case for your iPad with Smart Cover capabilities? Cooler Master’s Wake Up Folio case may be what you are looking for. Read More

Make The Most Of Spotlight

Spotlight can be a very useful tool but it can be a little daunting for a beginner. Simple math equations, file searches, launch applications; it can all be done from Spotlight. To get started, either click the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of your screen or push Command+Space on your keyboard. Read More

Lost Hard drive Space?

Where is my space going? I don’t know what is taking up my hard drive, please help. I have tons of “Other,” how do I delete it? My hard drive is full and I can’t find what is using it. We see these questions all the time on the forums. Read More