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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Connect Cheapest 4k Projector with Mac

    Mac computers are very complicated when it comes to the type of external connectivity you want to do. In order for you to successfully be able to connect to the Mac, you have to understand how it works and the type of ports it has. It has been clear all along that the Mac computer works only with specific software’s and resolution to deliver the best.

    The Mac computer that has been designed with an inbuilt HDMI port is able to support the 4K displays at a resolution of 3840 X 2160 ...
  2. best cyber security courses you will find on the web.

    All Mac and PC users can benefit from these courses by Security Expert Nathan House. Link.

    I've seen them on for $9.99 each on sale. Just search for "Nathan House". Total of 4 courses, I paid $40 for all four. Just wait for the sale, that is what I did. lifetime access and the courses are often updated.

    (I make no money from this post. No affiliate links. Just wanted to share info about some awesome cyber security courses).

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  3. The Data Recovery Guide

  4. The Definitive Guide to Best Wireless Hard Drive for Mac

    It's possible to put on a flash drive for a friendship band or carry as a vital ring. Unless your drive is never likely to leave your office or home, it's also wise to consider its physical durability. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt 3 drives you may buy are constrained by the most throughput of the drive itself, as opposed to the Thunderbolt 3 interface. The external hard drive can be found in various sizes. It has become the need for the huge storage of data.

    Best Wireless Hard Drive ...
  5. Waiting For Your Gadget to be Fixed? Make that Possible Now.

    No matter how carefully we take care of our phones, we drop it once or twice somehow. The consequences of this one drop may be severe sometimes. When it comes to iPhone we Geta though that the world world has come to an end as fixing them is expensive. The following are the common damages caused in phones:
    · Camera Replacement – Front or Back
    · Broken Screen
    · Inability to connect to Wi-fi
    · Overheating
    · Damaged power button, home button, or volume button ...

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