View Full Version : recording synth parameter changes in GarageBand ? Can it be done?

03-08-2017, 08:09 AM
hi, I've got GB 10.1.5 and have noticed that recording with the new built in synth presets I can record the expression changes as I play or with my mouse ie; I can add resonate , delay etc and on playback I can hear the changes I made as I made them. Ive not managed to do this in older GB versions and Im not sure if thats me not figuring it out or it didn't offer it. Anyway my question is when I try to do the same thing using other non GB AU's like say Reaktor Blocks which came with my full version of Kontakt 5 , no changes are recorded and played back. It just defaults to wherever I last left the parameters. This is most frustrating. Im not overly familiar with this new version or a lot of the terminology. I thought if I turned Automation on it would work but clearly that is not the solution. Is this function possible in GB? Thanks Paul