View Full Version : playing 1080 movies via usb cable

02-17-2017, 09:10 AM
hello my friends, i have a very basic "yes or no" question, hopefully...
i download 1080 resolution dvds onto my portable hard drive which connects to my 1080 HD TV via USB type A, so NOT HDMI. My question is am in fact outputting the movies from my tv in 1080, or is it downscaled to 720????
As ive noticed that whether i play 1080 or 720 movies from my portable hard drive on my tv, the quality is exactly the same

Or do i need to use somethng else to plug and play my movies that involves a hdmi cable to get maximum quality

02-17-2017, 12:33 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum! :) Some more information may help: 1) What HD (brand/model #) are you using; 2) How is the HD powered when in use; 3) What HDTV (again brand/model #) do you own; 4) Are both video & sound be transmitted via the USB connection & is the USB 3.0; and 5) What other video/sound inputs do you have on the HDTV? Might help to provide much more specific answers and advice. Dave