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02-11-2017, 06:41 PM
Hello all!
I've been a PC user since i was a kid, but that might change.
Having not used a mac very much in the past, I have some questions about how they work.
I'm in a band and am looking for a reliable / semi-powerful laptop to take on some upcoming tours.
It needs to be able to handle adobe software, mostly photoshop, and some light video editing and light audio editing. I'm looking at some used Macbook Pros on craigslist in my area of Las Vegas. In general would a 4GB ram model be enough to get me by?
Some other questions / concerns I have are about gaming (not playing anything too crazy, maybe fallout 3, and some other FPSs)...

Thanks for any and all help!
Any tips or info for a new mac user are always welcome!

02-11-2017, 07:36 PM
Moved thread to better area.

- Nick

p.s. Removed the unethical & illegal part.

02-11-2017, 08:29 PM
I would recommend a 2012 or newer Macbook Pro with a minimum of 8GB of memory and at least a 250GB SSD drive. That will handle the software you have listed. I do not game so I don't have a clue how it would perform with the games you listed.